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Why I Dislike …

Why I Dislike …

Here is what I really dislike… (which many say Alex Jones works for the C.I.A, thought I would throw that in there as I sit here and laugh for 20 minutes). This site is common among conspiracy theorists, although this is not why I dislike the site so much. Their stories are news worthy as much as mainstream media and should be believed as much (always read between the lines). Here is my rub; there have been a couple stories showing up on the site.

Link to Youtube to YG and Nipsey Hussle:

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.02.10 AM

The common group here is white religious racist (yes I’m being general). The remarks are amazing on these sites forums. It reads right out of an Aryan nation website. The facts these people will generally just talk about hoe inferior blacks are is infuriating. In one story a black woman wants attention so bad that’s she tweets “kill black” or “there is bomb”. These people on the forum just call her all types of racist remarks and how inferior she is and that no white woman would do that. I remarked they were wrong there have been plenty of white women who have done things for attention, although I only mentioned two instances. Although I’m putting 2 for poison because righty wings will say it’s a liberal thing, so threw in a woman from Houston.

Then there is the black rap group using street poetry to express their opinions and fears. Do you need to like rap? No but artists have the right to express themselves; yes there are limits like threatening the President. Here are some of the remarks from, “What a fine example of great culture. Savages.”, “World needs less niggers and more blacks”, “SOOOOO tired of Negroes and their “culture”” just to name a few. Here is a link to some great bands; are they threatening violence I really don’t know.

So I guess what I’m saying is that in moments of humans acting incredulous, do really need to put a color on it or a political affiliation? As a country we will never grow past color till we are all blind or one skin tone, but even this would not matter because the grass is always greener on the other side and humans will always want others have. “Why does there water look bluer, lets go kill them an take it. Oh it’s the same was ours and tastes the same.” Humans will always be animals who want more and more and more regardless of whom they hurt. The next level is genetics manipulation to get better humans. Yes I’m talking Gattaca.

So yes this why I do not like These people are the ones that say that the 40’s and 50’s were the good ole days, meaning racism, sexism and bigotry. In GENERAL, so there is no mistake, It seems like every reader or forum contributor lives in a trailer, is a survivalist, owns 12 guns, loves a white god, blames their problems on Jews, hates all races or call them the good ones, conservative, and masturbates to the constitution.

On a final note, that has nothing to do with why I dislike, except for the fact that with the advent of the Internet, the planet earth has really shown how many crazy, illiterate, imbeciles are here.

With that I liked the pace of life in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s meaning a bit slower; where children actually climb trees, had dirt and water fights compared to the children of 2000’s, where they have their noses buried in electronic devices form consoles to phones. No, not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but segregation was fading into the past (here in the U.S.)*

*Yes, I know I’m being general and that segregation still happens here in the U.S., it is just not as prevalent.

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