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The Confederate Flag …

The Confederate Flag …

You may ask why my most of my posts are political; or not. I do it here is because on Facebook we have a utopian ideal to interface with other people, but don’t discuss or challenge peoples ideals or beliefs.

ANYWAY… I digress this really is about the Confederate Flag controversy and peoples ideal of racism.

Once we bring down the confederate flag, we need to bring down the stars and stripes. Talk about a flag that represents racism?

Jeez this flag is straight out the racist thing on this planet and if you need proof… Look Detroit, Chicago, LA, NY, share cropping, ghettos, sterilization, education, riots, police brutality… on and on and on the list goes. The confederate flag is honored by a minority of racist uneducated whites, but stars and stripes are revered by all top level wealthy racists in this country.

Ah the confederate flag has finally come down (great), now that people are feeling good about themselves lets take the next step through education and try to create a society of equality. On a side note that no body like to hear or talk about is that it will never happen because humans or most humans will latch onto something thats different and exploit it.

I say this only because years ago people were saying in time (100 years?) we will be all one color or close. Thats great and I for one think it is good but it won’t help. Humans will always be human.

I say that because in America we really don’t care about people outside our spheres. It is the same in other countries who did you think are starving Africans? Whites? or Chinese starving Chinese? Whites? The list goes on; people destroy people and until we decide to take care of that little problem we are doomed to repeat the same atrocities.

We could point out that the human race is inherently racist, bigots, greedy and self serving* and that will never change.

No religion is not the answer in most cases it is the reason people kill each other. How about we imagine a world with no God or gods and just live each day to be happy and productive. Helping each other; yes it will be a long road because pretty much the idea of stuff is already ingrained in our heads that people are out to do us wrong in some sort of way every day and we need to get ours. Does this seem like a person ready for the future?

Yes, I’m a Taoist and I live in the moment. I try to learn from the past and plan a bit for the future but I don’t live there. It’s not good for ones sanity one bit.

Although on a side note, I believe in the near future we will be closer to George Orwells – 1984 or Twightlight Zones –

Number 12 Looks Just Like You

*This statement is generalized, for I understand that there are a group of men, women and children that go we beyond this statement.

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