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President Trump Starts Off…

President Trump Starts Off…

In the week following the inauguration the President Trump 🤢 has totally tried to under mind this country and our constitution. I have tried to give this man a chance but he is continually combative against the press if they do not agree with everything he has to say. He wants yes people in his corner to make him feel good about himself and his decisions.

President Trump starts with his inauguration and states that more people showed than President Obama and that he lost the popular vote by voter fraud 😂. He is the President why does it matter and they keep bringing up alt-facts about the size of the crowd and votes (women march next day garnered more people than Trumps inauguration), Um no if they are not facts they are not alt… they are lies or deception. Also to add or mention that he was most likely has a pee tape and is being black mailed by Russia, so there is the collusion of a foreign power interfering with our election process. Bill Maher said it quite nicely… “A time line from 1940 to 2015, Trump gave zero fucks about Russia and from 2015 to 2016 he concentrated and talked about Russia”

Like his reputation counted on it.

Next is he bans Muslims from America. Yes President Bush and President Obama did restrict visa’s from Iraq but that was following intelligence information that terrorists wanted to use good will to attack from within. So Trump did it as purely off the cuff move. He knew he could not ban Islam do he banned countries which of course he is only reporting there were only a few hundred when I reality there closer to 90,000

If it was just for Muslim countries and not Islam why did he let Christian refugees and denied others. His excuse they are more persecuted then the others trying to come and make a better place.

On top of that he mocks Democrats at a rally, but doesn’t surprise me; he mocked disabled person at his rally. Which he claims are false… No, the facts are he made fun of a disable man at his rally.

Wow what a asshole Trump is.

Not to mention the Devos and her stance education and disabilities, I will have to come back to this because it scare the hell out of me.

Then… Trump the tells the Mexican President not to brother coming if he isn’t going to do it his way and fund the Great Wall of America, which he wants just add a 20% tariff to build the wall, know who pays for that? We do, if we buy products from Mexico… So he cancelled. Also in jeopardy the price of produce going up as well; I mean not to be a dick but if illegal and legal immigrants are not picking the produce who will?

Then he pulls out of the Asian-Pacific Trade Pact. It was not even signed yet but it was a good litmus for countries to work out a deal to benefit all, but of course in the works. So the immediate people who will be affected… All clothing outfitters and people who shop at Walmart, K-Mart, Target, etc. The $5 shirt and $15 jeans will now cost $50 – $80. Not to mention that all prices on will electronics will sky rocket (cellphones, TV’s, Computers, Toasters, etc.).

More will come but for now be diligent and keep fighting to fight this fascist* tyrant. “We must stand for something or fall for everything.” – someone else said this
*being a Fascist is not mutually reserved for Nazi’s, but like to hang in same corners.

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