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Media Manipulates …

Media Manipulates …

This an add on but after letting this sit for a couple of weeks what I really see is the manipulation of the media to create an even larger divide between the masses. The masses actually then split between middle class and poor and the poor split again between the races again. because once to reach middle class or wealth you have something you do mot want to give up, but being poor you most cases feel like you have nothing to lose. So this is an add on and I believe the media manipulates situations to get the biggest story and to always keep us scared.

I have to admit I have not thought much about inequality in the population, was I born with a silver spoon? No. My parents stressed eduction from day one and terrorized me with what would happen to me if I ever messed up with girls, drugs or the authority. So in this vain I really never thought much about the the difference between black and whites when an officer stops a person or about how other people achieved there eduction. I just always figured we are cogs working in a system and we all have our jobs to keep the city or systems running.

I now ask myself who the hell is saying this!?  A cog in the system?! Fuck what happened to me. Thinking days after writing this; the real problem is the police, they are becoming more like the brown coats of Hitlers Germany. Yes the media focuses on the black population but not sure of the political gain or relevance. The media does not care about anyone but ratings and money. so the story has to be BIG and some stories like Tamir aren’t big enough for the nation to rally around. Here we have unarmed Dillon Taylor who was shot by a black officer and yes Dillon was white, then there was Kelly Thomas a schizophrenic beaten by California cops and John Williams Deaf Native American artist carrying a carving knife is shot 6 times. These officers are attacking and brutalizing all races.

“This militarization of the police force has created what is being called an “epidemic of police brutality” sweeping the nation. – Lilly Dane”

There was a time when I embraced the turmoil in a system through public discourse or protests. I have never been in favor of riots because that usually just gives authorities a reason to bring down the hammer and start killing people. Of late they have not even had that as a reason they have been killing young black men for no apparent reason other than they can.

These riots in Baltimore got me thinking because I have been in a riot, although WTO is a different feeling when hippies and anarchists are destroying things. There voice is heard every day, but these riots in Baltimore and Ferguson are from individuals who feel they have no voice and they are not wrong. Pretty much media and local, state and federal government have kept the uneducated in slums, trailers and low income housing.

With all this authority aggressiveness you wonder which ones you can trust, especially as a black individual when getting pulled over or not hearing them tell you to stop walking because you have your earphones to loud and they use this as an excuse to beat  a person down. My wife said it best “we are lucky we are white, never having to worry about these types of interactions.” She is right up to a point because these police are attacking everyone they deem a threat and it makes me sad to think that in 2015 we are no more closer to a racial or economic answer than 50 years ago, but becoming closer to Big Bother and a controlled society.

I don’t agree with the riots but the way the authorities are acting and taking the most aggressive approach to a situation they are leaving people no choice bout to take action and the true hero’s patriots of these actions are the black youth taking to the street, It might be because when you have nothing else to lose you do the only thing you can and protest, march  and sometimes riot.

Added on later:

By bringing up other slain individuals is to to take away from Freddie Gray but to put a more concise eye on how the media manipulates us into a frenzy and sets the standards for truth. These officers were tried before they even got out of the van. are they guilty maybe but our courts are here to decide. you are innocent before being proven guilty.

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