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Farkhunda Murdered …

Farkhunda Murdered …

After reading the brutal torture and murder of Farkhunda for allegedly burning a Qur’an (accusations are false by the way), I just feel all religion is getting more extreme. I would in most cases say we need to abolish all religion and I swear it almost make me want to burn a Qur’an, but what would be the point really. The men who did this crime would not learn anything or gain perspective. They will just say they had the right to destroy a woman because of allegations. They would say it was worth it because just in case she did and would teach others what they feel is disrespect.*

Also, can’t God take of himself or take of the person in the after life? I’m not angry over Islam, Christianity, Judaism… 3 big God religions, but the people feel so ingrained in the religion they take it person if you say one thing negative about it. How about these individuals learn to have discussions, rather than beating people with disagreements.

I digress of course, I just feel why these people will not use there heads. They are fighting for a place in the afterlife or getting their reward. I find it disgusting and barbaric that these cultures can’t grow with the times or practice patience.

There is no answer. Although at least one cleric is speaking out.

“This barbaric act has nothing to do with Islam, nor with what our Prophet taught us,” Mojaddedi said.

“To commit such an act only comes from hearts that are dead and devoid of the remembrance and Mercy of Allah.”

We need more people like this on all side of religious philosophies taking this stand and condemning these crimes.

*Although my opinion is that these men do not want women to have a voice or be free and will use every excuse to undermine, scare and intimidate them.

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