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Allegory of the World …

Allegory of the World …

I was going to put this last but I thought it important enough of the first paragraph. Be in the world, but not of the world, which is in reality what we see is false. In Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, people are prisoners chained to look forward at a wall perceiving shadows by a large fire behind them and these shadows become reality and they blindly start naming and following them. Prisoner is let out of the cave and sees the real world and the sun and comes to terms and become enlightened. He than goes back to the cave to help the others but they are so blind they do understand what he is saying about reality verses shadows and will turn on him and kill him because of fear. Also I feel it allows the prisoner to come back and reflect on his life in the past and where he is going with becoming enlightened.


Graphic Explanation

I created this image (click Below for a larger version) because I basically sat for a few hours during work listening to people claiming the earth is flat, Alex Jones is actually Bill Hicks, never went to the moon, and Satan runs a mock through the illuminati.


Now due these ideas sound crazy yes, but being a creative person one needs to think outside the preverbal box. So I have often thought what if this existence is really a virtual reality simulator, much like the movie Thirteenth Floor or Matrix. I know there are more I just can’t really think what they are right this moment. So if this a simulator then I guess the flat earth believers and moon landing deniers are correct. I mean are we just sprites with a consciousness and the universe actually has a boundary?

If I had a chance to join the illuminati, would I? Yes I would; I don’t have much faith in the human race as a species and before everything is long gone, including the ones I love. We are taught to pick a side and I always figured if it came down to it I would pick the winners, although would they pick me?

I have always thought this and maybe it’s because as a child I saw a lot of different people because my parents moved a lot and I always had to fit in and find ways to not get the new kid picked on syndrome. This rarely worked and to this day I have no faith in the human kind, as kids are a microcosms of the adults that reared them.

Maybe I was to smart for my own good and always questioning what I see and hear (although I usually question ideas that don’t seem feasible, like the concept of god, an all seeing, knowing big brother who throws out judgment like gummy candy). I just read science books and it seems feasible to have a round earth and the explanation of gravity make sense to me, along with mathematics which I don’t quit get but wish I did and the concept of coding and seeing the landscape through numbers.

So if this some sort of great experiment of the human condition, we have failed I feel miserably. In most part of this society we have people living for their ID and destructive side. This includes Christians, Muslims, Buddhist, etc.

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