Why Congress Is …

After reading the news and watching this bill for tighter control. First I agree with the bill but I’m not a sheep and I don’t tow the party line.
Here is why I feel the the Congress sit-in is crap and these people really don’t care. On the surface it seems nice and they care for the LGBT community but in fact my opinion only my opinion is because they have ulterior motives, votes coming from LGBT community in the future and more Democrats in Congress.
Because, if these people really cared (Meaning Republicans and Democrats), then they would do sit in for these as well:
• Millions of people living in poverty
• Starving children
• Gang Violence – with illegal weapons mind you
– Children caught in cross fire or joining
• Educational system
• Being homeless
• Healthcare – millions still can’t afford insurance
• Pollution – oil spills and companies pumping crap in the air.
• Have companies invest in manufacturing in the US – not all but some
This is an incomplete list and I know there is more but fixing a few of these would save thousands of lives.
You might say to yourselves this would eat time and energy and nothing would get done; I say they never have problem voting for raises for themselves. Just maybe if all of them showed this type fervor or acted they they gave a shit then we might get some of these things knocked off the list and I would probably wouldn’t be so apposed to both parties. Only my 2 cents.
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