Living In FEAR …

FEAR is what Isis embodies. I don’t particularly care for religion and I feel that it is for people that can’t think for themselves. I’m not going to get into the history of  this insane group because it would be pointless but rather the idea of not being scared and that life is meant to be lived.

Radical Islam (Isis) really scares me, so much that I really feel like they should attack them, outlaw Islam, track everything we do to catch these people, close the borders to Syrian refugees, or Kill them all and let their God sort them out.
You see, fear sucks and makes the most even-keeled seem insane and suspicious. They suspicious of everyone but mostly every middle eastern to Indian decent person. Once you go down this rabbit hole it’s over; you have given in completely to fear and now it’s your god. Not a god that promises great things in the after life.
So be vigilant but don’t ask for more cameras, surveillance, drone attacks or places like Gitmo. Freedom isn’t free it is earned and giving it away like $10 tie shows zero respect.
If we do these things then we have already lost but not the rhetoric that is preached to us but the the idea we will no longer live our lives but we will hide ourselves behind lock doors from everything that we deem dangerous.
Think for your self, question authority.
Add on:
The attacks in Paris with the added extreme media coverage and politicians jumping to conclusions has created a fire storm (FEAR)  against immigrants of Syrian decent (when they have found the assailants weren’t part of that group) and peaceful mosques are being targeted both here and abroad.

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