Hunger Strike …

It’s been a while since I have posted and I feel a bit annoyed at myself because of this. Does anyone read my blog? Not sure but I do it because it is cathartic and lets me air out opinions that are right or sometimes wrong based on race, income or location.

Today I want to talk about this University of Missouri protest and hunger strike. Granted I live 1000 miles away give or take and I have just read the news about this.

Jonathan Butler is a kid in his 20’s doing what almost all 20 year old do fight the institution they know best. For this kid Mizzou was the recipient, He felt the university was not doing enough about  racism, sexism and homophobia on campus. Then of course the straw that broke the camels back, some sick minded individual painted a poop swastika (although wouldn’t that be more for a jewish student, just saying) on a dorm hall wall.

So the hunger strike started to fight racism, sexism and homophobia campus wide, which is great but Jonathan Butler forgot about the power of the internet or the annoyance of it, that all past deeds, connections and thoughts are researched and scrutinized. So we find that he is the son of a millionaire, which is fine. It’s when he talks about being oppressed and talks of white privilege of the University of Missouri; he is part of the 1%.

Were words like oppression and white privilege said inside African American students? If so I do give him credit for mustering students to a cause that might help students, teachers and administration in future discussions on campus.

But time will tell if anyone has learned anything, but as this a day later apparently the students haven’t. You are solidarity only lasts so long until it doesn’t. Hence the Black-Only Healing group, all other people of color were asked to leave. So A great moment that brought students together dissolves into segregated groups, but hey welcome to America. The reason this is bad. A few of the African American students yelling at reporters and brought up humanity as the reason to leave them alone, humanity is why all the students protesting and student body should be healing together.


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