Clearing My Head of Electronic Noise

I was talking with a co-worker and saying that as I was gone on vacation in Puerto Plata I had no access to a cell-phone but for camera, computers or video games. I just had to worry about only 4 or 5 things. sun tan lotion, beer, shorts and food and it cleared my mind. My wife and I were able to talk everyday with people and not have phones in our hands making conversations funny and insightful with the friends we made on this trip. The amazing thing I found was this… We were waiting to go up to Isabel de Torres Mount by gondola and a whole group of teens came in and were sitting and waiting. What I noticed and was intrigued was this not one of them ages maybe 15 -18 years, had no cell phones and were talking and communication with each other. I really liked that and hope to cut my cell phone intake to 50% a day.

Upon coming back I feel like my head had been totally cleaned of all the electronic noise in my mind or at least 50% pif it. Yes I listened to music but that was it and occasional TV, but no news just bad movies for an hour or 30 minutes a day for 5 days.

I think now that I’m back and watching or reading the news it is all bad and I’m just not down with all of it. I have decided to try to limit my electronic intake in my life. Is this possible and is this noise addicting? Yes it is it’s really hard to not come home and sit on the couch and veg in front of PS3/4 or TV. I just really miss the clear head I had on vacation and do not want that to end.

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