Tiny House Developments



My first thought even before I read the article is what a great idea. As an educated person who found themselves basically with nothing and no job prospects but great friends, I was lucky to pull myself up by my bootstraps and get a shared studio for a while. The underlying message is I had someone great friends who would never let me fail or be homeless. I did drive them crazy; I love them with all my heart and would not be here right now without them.

I digress… I believe people deserve opportunities to be successful or being able to find a service. This reminds of the tent city in Seattle where a community of people who had no homes created homes with in a community all to the discomfort of neighbors and the feeling their property values would fall.

I liken these types of communities the communities set up by the government during the depression – By no means was this perfect but it help people who were in dire straights to get food, shelter and water to live another day and most importantly work.


Giving land to help build a community with small homes gives the opportunity to help people get their lives back on track and help these people care about their surroundings. This in turn gives back to the community because they work and give back. When they do find a new life it helps garner appreciation for where live and work and what they have. Also spreads the word and gives all others a chance as well to grow and find footing to secure the basics of life with food, water and shelter.

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