• My Moments of Solitude

    This walk to took me from Edgewater Lakeshore path to the Castaways off North/ Clybourne by way go the neighborhoods within Oldtown. It was a fairly cold day but I think I was able to catch the moments of solitude within a very active city. – –

  • Close-up of Cracked Window

    Close-up of cracked window in the Merchandise Mart. Best part this window is down a little cubby hole I think the janitors use to store the stuff. Although not sure but I was thinking that this winter they will be losing a lot of heat.

  • Walking to work

    Just a quick sketch, which I added ink and water color on paper that didn’t really appreciate the amount of water added to the page. Although I think it creates a great affect.  

  • Walk Through Downtown Holland Michigan

    Walking through Downtown Holland MI at night. Using my iPhone with no flash took a picture of this clock then edited it Hipstamatic.

  • Girl With Blue eyes

  • Man Walking In The City

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